miércoles, 8 de octubre de 2014

Ethics 4º ESO Optional task

We are working on the first unit which is focused on human beings. What are human beings? To introduce the topic, we are reading about the Second World War.
This is an optional activity about The Holocaust.

Speaking of his arrrival at Auschwitz, P. Levi said:

"It was bleak, at night, after travelling five days on a disastrous journey, during which the people in the car had died, arriving in a place where one did¨nt  Know the language or understand the purpose. There were sings that made no sense: a shower, a clean side...a dirty side and a clean side. No one explained anything. They spoke to us either in Yiddish or in Polish... and we didn´t understand. It was truly an alienating experience, there was an impression of complete madness, of having abandoned all posibility of reason. There was no reasoning anymore."

        Evening on Karl Joham Street. E. Munch

1  Read  Levis arrival description carefully and write down ten words to describe the way Levi might have felt stepping out onto the train platform that night.
2 What does "an alienating" experience mean?
You can leave me a comment with your answers.