miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Globalisation videos. Citizenship unit 4

Unit 4: Globalisation. 
To understand what globalisation means, here we have some videos about it. 
Firstly, you must write down the advantages and disadvantages of this process in two different columns.

Secondly, you should listen to these videos carefully to get some ideas about our global world.

lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Ethics and Citizenship - 2nd TERM DATES-


-4th March (4ºA) and 5th March (4ºB): Exam of unit 3. Review  vocabulary,  ideas, readings, dilemmas and Steve Jobs video.

 -27 February: Deadline for handing in the portfolio about the Elephant Man.

- 6Th March.:exam of unit 3 and unit 4 (globalisation). Review vocabulary, ideas, videos, Elephant Man reading.

lunes, 3 de febrero de 2014

Ethics Unit 3 Activities. Our life path

 In this unit we are learning what ethics is.  One of the  ideas is the fact that we must always choose and, sometimes, we should cope with  hard situations called moral dilemmas.

We have read that even every little decision builds our life path.

Here, we have a speech by Steve Jobs in Stanford University. Listen to it carefully, copy and answer the questions below.

1 When did his life begin?

2 What does the first story teach us about our life?

3 The second story is about love and loss. What did he find and what did he lose?

4  What does "don't lose faith" mean? How can we be satisfied with our jobs?

6 Explain this expression using your own words : "Don't settle"

7 Regarding the last story, why does he say that Death is the single best invention on life?

8 What does he want to mean with the final sentence: Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Here is the same video with Spanish subtitles.